The Oramp

Manage your positions in a decentralized,
open source, and overcollaterized platform

Launch portal

Decentralized & open source

ORamp is fundamentally built on trust and community. We believe in transparency and pushing the best ideas for our users and we built our protocol to support that from day one

Run your positions on autopilot

Set your parameters and manage your positions automatically

Oramp Ecosystem

Oramp protocol provides
governance, collateral, and insurance for participants


ORamp is open source and extendable. Governance is distributed with ORamp community


ORamp protocol requires all oracles to have a stake valued at twice of their maximum daily processing volume


Staking on any ORamp Oracles, secures the network and rewards participation


ORamp protocol enables subnets to track reputation and conduct arbitration to eliminate fraud

Coming soon

The Oramp portal

The portal is home to the ORamp protocol, allowing you to manage your
positions and participate on governance

Launch portal