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crypto <> fiat onramp flow

Embed crypto <> fiat payments within your app
with a simple open source widget

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Give your users the best onramp experience

Seamless KYC

We use various background data sources to make KYC seamless for you users

Open source

Free and extendable infrastructure powered by developers all over the world.

Flexible custody

We got you whether you want end-users to keep custody or host wallets to manage it on their behalf

Local payment

We support local payment methods such as P2P apps, telco wallets and paying with your local bank account

within minutes

With Oramp simple integration and clear documentation guides you will on-ramp and off-ramp customers in no time

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Get global coverage from day one

For institutions

Connect to ORamp's APIs and allow users
to transact to your Financial institution

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For Market Makers

Earn fees on autopilot

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